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Recall | tuna fish

*Video courtesy of Newsy Newslook*

I know you guys remember last week when I mentioned albacore tuna not being the greatest consumption choice because of its high mercury content. Well, we now have more proof that the sterilization process of Bumble Bee tuna isn’t 100% effective.

Major point: Chicken of the Sea & Bumble Bee says tuna in oil and water have been recalled. Please educate yourself on the specifics of the chicken of the sea and bumble bee recalls to avoid contamination!

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Did You Know?

Parents: everything you thought was good is wrong | toxic

Why are these foods/drinks toxic?


  • Apple Juice: 160 calories per serving
    • you shouldn’t ever make a habit out of drinking your calories
    • bad for teeth
    • full of sugar = appetite spoiler = they won’t want to eat real food with the nutrients their body needs; this leads to malnutrition
  • Canned Tuna:
    • chunk light vs albacore
    • albacore tuna is high in mercury (toxic to nervous system)
  • Fruit Snacks (SUGAR!!!)
    • it’s candy! period
    • artificial colors
    • 100% fruit snacks also (candy!)
  • Honey
    • only after age 2
    • bad for digestion before age 2
  • Frozen foods (pizza rolls, mozzarella sticks, etc)
    • processed
    • artificial
    • sodium-refined
    • NOT GOOD
  • Dipping Sauces (SUGAR!)
    • artificial ingredients
    • added sugar
    • portion the sauce out for them
    • dilute it
    • OR create your own dipping sauce

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Food News

From the Court to the kitchen | organic

NBA All-Star Ray Allen And Wife Are Opening An Organic Fast Food Restaurant

People want to be healthier, eat cleaner and feel better about what they’re putting in their bodies,” the former Miami Heat player told the Herald. “I know this from personal experience, and when Grown opens it will very much be a concept unlike anything else, designed to be accessible by everyone, from the weekend warrior to the mom and anyone in between.”

ray allen

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