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Recall | tuna fish

*Video courtesy of Newsy Newslook*

I know you guys remember last week when I mentioned albacore tuna not being the greatest consumption choice because of its high mercury content. Well, we now have more proof that the sterilization process of Bumble Bee tuna isn’t 100% effective.

Major point: Chicken of the Sea & Bumble Bee says tuna in oil and water have been recalled. Please educate yourself on the specifics of the chicken of the sea and bumble bee recalls to avoid contamination!

Do you know why mercury is bad for consumption? Continue Reading

Food News

Breakfast isn’t optional! | adhd

Kids can’t be hungry for knowledge if they’re just plain hungry,” said Dorothy McAuliffe, First Lady of Virginia. “That’s why breakfast can change a student’s life. It means more focused students and higher test scores, leading to higher graduation rates and better employment outcomes down the line.” Continue Reading