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5 Things to Avoid in Your Child’s Diet | behavior

Hey guys,

Does your child have a pattern of bad behavior in school or home? Have you ever thought about how your child is feeling on the inside? Yes, I fully understand that rules should be followed and adults are to be respected. However, what if there really is a chemical imbalance from your child’s diet making it more difficult to do what they know is right? The impulsivity, disruptions, inattentiveness, argumentation, and even temper tantrums don’t just come out of nowhere. Of course, we all have our days. Maybe they just didn’t feel like following that particular direction. This is more so for the parents who are often being contacted about their behaviors at school or even if your children don’t respond to you the way that you believe they should, at home. OR, maybe you’re just curious about how to improve your child’s diet. Either way, I can help. Continue Reading

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Buddy System? | accountability

“Most of the variation in life expectancy doesn’t come from “external factors,” like murder, but rather from medical causes, like heart disease and diabetes. The poor die early because they get sicker faster”

Derek Thompson

Thompson explains what happens when one is surrounded by unhealthy activities that are normalized where they reside. Obesity, drugs, smoking, unhealthy eating, and lack of exercise are all prevalent factors that are highly present in low income areas. These components critically contribute to one’s mental health, of course. Right!? Right. All cigarettes do is slow you down and put you at greater risk for many diseases out there. Metabolism rates slow down with lack of physical activity. I can go on for days. Not to mention that if you are eating bad, your desire to engage in physical activity declines rapidly.  Well, let me speak for myself. If I just finished eating two $1 cheeseburgers, fries, and a soda, (about $5 total, which in fact explains why people may prefer the convenience and instant gratification behind fast food over their long-term health) I AM NOT thinking about going to the gym. After that, I’m not thinking about doing much of anything but laying around. All of the unhealthy foods make me lazy and strips me of all of my energy :-( . Continue Reading

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Parents: everything you thought was good is wrong | toxic

Why are these foods/drinks toxic?


  • Apple Juice: 160 calories per serving
    • you shouldn’t ever make a habit out of drinking your calories
    • bad for teeth
    • full of sugar = appetite spoiler = they won’t want to eat real food with the nutrients their body needs; this leads to malnutrition
  • Canned Tuna:
    • chunk light vs albacore
    • albacore tuna is high in mercury (toxic to nervous system)
  • Fruit Snacks (SUGAR!!!)
    • it’s candy! period
    • artificial colors
    • 100% fruit snacks also (candy!)
  • Honey
    • only after age 2
    • bad for digestion before age 2
  • Frozen foods (pizza rolls, mozzarella sticks, etc)
    • processed
    • artificial
    • sodium-refined
    • NOT GOOD
  • Dipping Sauces (SUGAR!)
    • artificial ingredients
    • added sugar
    • portion the sauce out for them
    • dilute it
    • OR create your own dipping sauce

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Food Wars!

The deck is stacked against healthy foods like fruits and vegetables

-Michelle Obama

Have you ever heard of the phrase “vanishing caloric density”? If not, let me put you on. Vanishing caloric density is basically rapid food meltdown; it’s what tricks your brain into thinking you’re not eating a lot, despite how many calories you are actually eating. Now THAT is why you just can’t seem to put that bag of Cheetos down. or Doritos. or Funyuns. Continue Reading