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Brown Rice Caserecce | organic

Helloooo everyone! This morning I received my first package of goodies from Thrive Market, and couldn’t wait to incorporate something into a recipe to share with you all. This is like Christmas to me LOL. Since I am a huge fan of pastas and I am always looking for healthy alternatives to the high refined carbohydrates regular pasta gives, I decided on a brown rice pasta – Jovial Brown Rice Caserecce. This recipe is good for a quick dinner idea if you don’t have much time and also don’t want to eat out. Check it out:

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Did You Know?

Farmer’s Market Advantages | healthy

Has anyone ever told you that supporting your local farmer’s market is very beneficial for all involved parties (you & them!)? Let me explain:

  • Shop with the season! (foods are seasonal – so if you are keeping up with which foods are in season, you will more than likely end up SAVING money)
  • Foods at your local farmer’s market don’t have to travel far; in other words, they are given a more natural and true opportunity to ripen the natural way instead of being shipped all over for weeks at a time and being injected to remain fresh
  • My last point leads me to this: majority of food at your local farmer’s market is minimally processed because its travel time is minimal

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