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Tropical Pan-Seared Salmon | mercury

Greetings All!

Seafood low in mercury is important to consume at least twice per week (or 12 oz). Exposure to high mercury levels is detrimental to your health. Why, you ask? Mercury can cause serious neurological complications that are sometimes irreversible, especially for pregnant or nursing women. I will go into more of that later. This was one of my contributions this week. Extremely delicious. Y’all know how I do. Let’s go:  Continue Reading

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Are you obsessed with coffee, energy drinks, and soda? | caffeine

I can’t seem to count the number of times, daily, that I observe my peers and friends on social media making habits out of morning coffee shop visits for (for example) a caramel frap accompanied by a bagel smothered in cream cheese or “breakfast” cake, or donut, to start their day. Caffeine and sugar for breakfast? Interesting.

STOP. Right. There. Continue Reading

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“I Don’t Know What To Eat” | fuel

“Vintage cars tend to be gas guzzlers, but human oldies are the opposite.”

Adriana Barton

Since we need less “fuel” as we age, it is highly imperative that we are seriously considering everything we consume, as everything plays an important role. Although it is never too early to begin taking our nutrition seriously, as we get older we must pay closer attention! I am using the words “as we get older”, simply because the article I am citing (via the quote above) is focusing on those 51+; HOWEVER, I am 26, and already on this train. Continue Reading

Food News

Food Wars!

The deck is stacked against healthy foods like fruits and vegetables

-Michelle Obama

Have you ever heard of the phrase “vanishing caloric density”? If not, let me put you on. Vanishing caloric density is basically rapid food meltdown; it’s what tricks your brain into thinking you’re not eating a lot, despite how many calories you are actually eating. Now THAT is why you just can’t seem to put that bag of Cheetos down. or Doritos. or Funyuns. Continue Reading