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Why Meal Prepping Can Change Your Life | consistency

America has a gluttony issue. America has a portion problem.

Habitual healthy eating should never be stressful; it should be a part of our daily routine, as our hygiene is a part of our daily routine. I am going to take you through the meal prepping program that assisted me in losing close to 60 pounds, supplement free. It’s also not solely about the weight loss, at all. The weight is bound to come off with the lifestyle change. There are tons of diseases and ailments in the world that are acquired through years of continuous unhealthy eating.

We watch and hear about middle aged family members and others having massive heart attacks, diabetes (and more) all of the time. Then what? it’s just “oh man, that’s so sad he or she had a heart attack”. But WHY? This is a generational curse and it’s time to break it. Pay attention. Giving your body the fuel it truly needs to function at its best is imperative in order for you to function at your very best on a daily basis, preserving your mental stability. Without your mental stability, you run the risk of all other areas of your life suffering. All you need is the willpower to want to change and then actually follow through.

With healthy meal prepping, consistency is truly the key. Two days on/three days off or two weeks on/one week off will probably not grant you the results you are looking for. The purpose is to train your body to eventually “reject” unhealthy foods. The goal is for them to be unappealing to you how some claim healthy food is unappealing. It’s a lifestyle adjustment that absolutely REQUIRES consistency. Believe me. I knew that I needed to start making healthier decisions a few years ago, but I wasn’t consistent at all. And looking at old pictures, it’s obviously clear lol. All it boils down to is determining that you are mentally tough enough to not be susceptible to the pressure of unhealthy & processed foods. You can do it!

In the gallery above: the picture with the yellow sports bra, I was aboutΒ 158-160 pounds (January 2016). I am now down to 136-140 (it fluctuates). In the second collage with the orange dress, I was about 180 (May 2014). This was before I truly understood the significance of nutrition and treating your body right. I wasn’t taking it seriously. NOW? I’m focused!

One big step is to clear out your kitchen of anything that would be tempting. If I’m having a late night and I’m hungry hours after dinner I always go looking in my refrigerator and cabinets as if something other than fruit, nuts, water, and vegetables will appear LOL. Realistically, some moments are more difficult than others but I manage to get through them.

I ONLY DRINK WATER. Literally. Water. You should be consuming 67% of how many pounds you weigh. For example, if you weigh 150, you should be consuming roughly 100 ounces of water per day. Keep in mind, if you are eating correctly with a diet high in water based fruits and vegetables, that also contributes to your daily water intake.

If exercising is something that you usually struggle with, correcting your eating habits is a great starting point. I mean, there’s nothing fun about trying to work out if your body is already working against itself trying to break down years of processed food. Your body won’t even allow it because you haven’t given it its proper nutrients to even survive a work out. That’s why they say you really can’t workout a bad diet. Processed foods quickly break down to sugar, which leads to fat. They’re also designed to cause overeating because you aren’t eating real food. It’s like they trick your mind to believe you are eating because you are PHYSICALLY eating, but the nutrients are lacking. This leads to food addictions because you continue to eat processed food despite your body most likely crying out for whole foods. With this and the lack of education on healthy food, I completely understand why more than one third of America is obese. I am here to educate you and lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

I am currently studying to receive my board certification as a Holistic Nutritionist. I am constantly learning new things; one thing I am excited to learn is how to accurately create vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, and paleo meals (among others). As I am learning, new recipes will be added to my website which will in turn expand my meal prep menu. I am excited to have you join me 😊.

On the order formΒ you will have the option of choosing from two different plans, starting at $65. All meals listed on the order form were created from scratch, with nutrition facts and health benefits outlined here. All orders must be confirmed (through email) based on availability.

Steps to Take:

  1. Submit order form by Tuesday at 11:59pm (please make sure everything is as clear as possible)
  2. Wait for confirmation (I will respond within 24 hours)
  3. Upon confirmation, send $$ by 11:59pm on Thursday to:
    1. PayPal-
    2. Venmo –
    3. Ca$h App – $KiaraWhack
  4. Delivery/Meet Up: SundayΒ 

Note: Failure to adhere to deadlines above will result in your order not being processed.

The first 5 people to place an order (and it is confirmed via email) will receive 10% off of their entire order for week 1.

With inspiration & continued hustle,

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