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Do you grocery shop organicically? | pesticide

Hello! I think it may be sometimes difficult to understand what’s really the point of buying organic produce. I get questions about this often. When is it necessary? What’s the difference? Who really cares? lol. Let me put you on.

To recap the short clip above, consumer reportsΒ informs us of the top 5 fruits and vegetables that we should always buy organic because they are high in pesticide residue. Pesticides are added to produce to kill “living things” such as insects or other organisms that could potentially harm the crop. Organic foods do not include pesticides or other harmful fertilizers.

  1. peaches
  2. carrots
  3. strawberries
  4. fresh green beans
  5. sweet bell peppers (domestic & imported)

Non-organic fresh fruits/vegetables that are at low-risk for high levels of pesticide residue:

  1. broccoli
  2. oranges
  3. lettuce
  4. yellow onions
  5. red & green grapes

If you are eating foods high in pesticide residue or even feeding them to your children, reconsider. There are definitely mental health ailments that stem from excessive pesticide exposure to include: ADHD, developmental delays, mood disorders, and learning disorders, and more. We already at risk to exposure to pesticides through our skinΒ and inhalation.There is no need to add consumption to the list, right? Right! Work on what you are able to fix. We are all capable. It’s well worth the extra few bucks. People often say shopping organically is expensive. I think if you were to obtain an illness from this, those trips to the doctor will be far more expensive than paying an extra $2 for organic carrots πŸ˜‰

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