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We are at war. However, I am often hearing about and seeing people on social media belittle and argue with others because they aren’t “speaking out” in ways that they feel they should. Everyone was placed on this earth for a specific reason. I know for a fact that the reason you were put here was not to make this situation worse. Because truth be told, deleting friends because they said something to offend you is contributing to the problem. Educate them. Talk to them. Unification. Maybe there is something you can say to actually open their eyes that love is the answer.

Times like this in America is where we become great. Open your eyes and understand this.

Jay-Z said it best:

Til you on ya own you can’t be free..how we still slaves in 2016?…I ain’t been to sleep since ’96” – you must put in the work. Success will not be handed to you. Stop letting life pass you by!

We do not all need to be on the front line protesting police brutality.Β Once more people begin to understand that and channel their energy into their specific roles, change will come. Because believe it or not, there are other problems within our communities and justice system; there are also other ways to bring about change. There is work to be done.

FIND YOUR AVENUE, educate yourself, and work to educate our people on how to become better as a whole. Help your communities! We all have a part in this. We are creative people! Black women alone are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States. There are a multitude of facets that are steadily contributing to the systematic oppression of African American people. There is so much more to this than police terrorism and protesting in your cities.

We, as African Americans, have been conditioned to “undermine” the fact that we are ALREADY more likely to suffer from certain physical and mental health conditions BECAUSE of being oppressed for hundreds of years. So if we are already in the red, we have no more money (time) to waste fueling the government’s agenda. Why are we HELPING them??!?!?! Wake up!!!!

In comparison to non-Hispanic whites:

73% of our children are more likely to become obese.

30% of our children are more likely to attempt suicide in high school.

60% of our adults are more likely to be diabetic.

40% of our adults are more likely to be obese and die from a stroke.

Also, just because you are “skinny” doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Your insides are probably crying out for some nutrients. The government is set up for us (people in general) to have horrific diets and to eventually catch diabetes or cancer, whichever comes first! They WANT us to be uneducated, to frequent the doctor after years of poisoning our bodies on account of being uneducated (and spend our money to get treated), and to disregard our mental stability in the process.

If I can control something in this chaos, I will. This is what moved me to pursue my holistic nutritionist certification. This is my avenue. I am learning how to use foods as medicine. That’s what food is for. When you spend 30 years uneducated on the roles certain foods play, you are making your body a place where diseases are comfortable. Literally, a playground for them. Diseases aren’t comfortable in clean bodies. This is when your immune system works it’s best. When you have a healthy lifestyle, you allow yourself those “cheat meals” every now and again. Why? Because as soon as it enters your body, your body is already working to get rid of it. On the contrary, if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle…the unhealthy, acidic foods that you consume will feel right at home. They will clump together, causing your immune system to deteriorate and not function the way that it was created to.

Most, if not all, “wealthy” people have private chefs, nutritionists and personal trainers. It’s important! That is not to say go out and get all of these things because I understand that it is not feasible for everyone. But it costs nothing to go outside (or stay inside) and do some physical activity and to pay closer attention at what you are consuming. Because in order to reach and maintainΒ success, you must be holistically healthy. Mind, body, and soul. This isn’t a game, and especially in the African American community. Be the light and the change you wish to see.

Be well,

Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.” -MLKjr

PS – I have been laxed on my posts lately because of school! It takes all of my free time but I am still here 😊

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