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I can’t seem to count the number of times, daily, that I observe my peers and friends on social media making habits out of morning coffee shop visits for (for example) a caramel frap accompanied by a bagel smothered in cream cheese or “breakfast” cake, or donut, to start their day. Caffeine and sugar for breakfast? Interesting.

STOP. Right. There.

Tell me something. What exactly do you believe loads of caffeine, sugar, and carbs will do for you period, let alone first thing in the morning??? I find it disturbing that we, as people, watch our older (or, nowadays, not so older) family members become sick from variations of cancer, diabetes, dementia, amongst other diseases, and we go behind them and eat and drink the same products that potentially brought them those illnesses to begin with. I really need for everybody to WAKE UP! This really isn’t a game. It’s a generational curse that’s destroying lives and people are falling for it.

It’s really just tricking your brain in believing that the coffee and donuts are assisting you by putting you on a sugar high; when, in fact, it’s stripping your body of the energy it actually needs to function at its best. We’ve all heard the saying: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It truly is.

Does America really believe that an adequate breakfast entails what I aforementioned, or a bacon/egg/cheese biscuit from a fast food place with a side of fried hash browns and a coffee to go? Please think again. If you have time to stop at one of these places and pay for its convenience (which most times is outrageous for what it is in my opinion), you have time to make a better decision and compose your own breakfast, the healthier way.

It’s a win/win: you save money (trust me on that) & your body will thank you with longer life.

Let me go over the damages that you are doing to your body, physically and mentally, with the mindset that this is what breakfast should entail. In the video above, Alex Jamieson informs us that caffeinated shakes, energy drinks, and sodas are the worst drinks you can possibly consume. Just imagine the damage that is being done by making habits out of doing so.

The way the body balances out high levels of phosphoric acid is by extracting calcium from your bones, leading to bone loss. Angela Epstein reports that:

“The more sugary and fizzy drinks consumed by women, the greater the density of their breasts – a known risk factor for cancer”.

This goes back to what I mentioned about older family members becoming sick at an early age. It’s in your control! I don’t think people really realize this. People are so sucked into the ways of the world that they are forgetting that in order to live a long and prosperous life, you kinddddddd of need your health. Don’t you think?

If you are confused on what exactly you should eat for each meal, please refer to one of my previous posts.

Aside from all of the physical damages you are doing to your body, think about the mental ones! Some people find themselves walking around depressed and anxious for reasons that they don’t even know, while they aren’t even considering the affect their diet has on these things. IT DOES MATTER!

I can just think back to years ago before I seriously changed my lifestyle to a holistic healthy one; I didn’t even realize how influential my diet was on my daily mood. I sure wish I knew then, what I know now. Michael T. Murray goes into explaining how a study was done on college students that resulted in finding that those who drank higher levels of caffeine reported to be more depressed than their counterparts.

We have the power to control our own moods and health by simply paying attention and following through accordingly :-)

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